The ABC (Artery, Brain, Clinical features) of Stroke

Jun 23 2013

The ABC of Stroke started as neuroanatomy project during a Cardiff medical student attachment to a Neurology and Care of the Elderly teaching block in the Cardiff and Vale University Health Board. The emphasis of the teaching and the project is the importance of knowing clinically relevant neuroanatomy, particularly as stroke is now such an important part of acute medicine.The work was first presented at the video conferenced All Wales Stroke Meeting on 10.10.12, which was joined by eight hospitals from around Wales.

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Maimoona Ali (4th Year Medical Student)
John Creamer (4th Year Medical Student)
Thomas Falconer Hall (4th Year Medical Student)
Duncan Fraser (4th Year Medical Student)
Fiona Herbert (4th Year Medical Student)
Esme Ingram (4th Year Medical Student)
Fred Keen (4th Year Medical Student)
Katherine Luke (4th Year Medical Student)
Keiran O’Mahony (4th Year Medical Student)
Thomas Walters (4th Year Medical Student)

Dr Tom Hughes (Consultant Neurologist,
University Hospital of Wales, Cardiff)
Thomas Walters (4th Year Medical Student)
Keiran O’Mahony (4th Year Medical Student)


0 #1 hawken 2015-01-28 10:26
Recurrent artery of Heubner not shown diagrammaticall y - would be helpful

Lateral medullary syndrome not noted with basilar perforator lesions - as a common BS syndrome would be good to note

Hemisensory loss with MCA lesions due to cortical ischaemia not post interior capsule ishaemia (would be useful to note to fully understand)

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